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Ecommerce, fashion, food, FMCG, MRO, manufacturing, luxury: stocks are everywhere, but each industry has its very own challenges. Lokad focuses on helping you make the most of your data to help you optimize your supply chain. We deliver automated predictive optimization for routine challenges such as purchasing, production planning, stocking or pricing.

"For over 180 years, La Redoute has succeeded in transforming and re-inventing itself along with our customers. Today, we are a worldwide leader in ecommerce, and our ambition is to become families’ preferred lifestyle platform. Our work with Lokad is helping us further our transformation, by rethinking fundamental aspects of our business. Their team of driven and dedicated Supply Chain Scientists challenge us to leverage cutting-edge tech in our everyday operations. Their attention to details, AI expertise and deep understanding of our business make them ideal partners in our quest to drive higher performance and customer satisfaction."

Philippe Berlan,
at La Redoute

"Worten advocates a digital strategy with stores and a human touch. Our partnership with LOKAD lets us digitalise and renew the intelligence of our management, ensuring that our stores are better prepared to give customers what they want. Ultimately, this partnership is a technological and management breakthrough in how we see and manage the supply chain."

Bruno Thiago Saraiva,
Head of Stock & Space
at Worten


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Lokad as your inventory copilot that tells you when to buy, how much to buy, where to dispatch, when change the price.

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High-cost repairable parts, critical service levels and myriads of technical constraints to shorten TAT and avoid AOGs.

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New collections, product pairing, long lead times and MOQs. How to keep up with a fast-paced and competitive environment.

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High service levels, intermittent demand and complex purchasing strategies. A complex organization from warehouses to stores.

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Part-vehicle compatibility, complex multi-echelon networks, etc. From part assortment to stocks and prices optimization for OEMs, specialized online retailers or garages.

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Limited series, unique attributes, cannibalization and locomotive effect. A technological answer for a market where sparsity rules.

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Seasonality, loss of weight overtime, shelf life, transportation costs. Where freshness is key, accurate forecasts make all the difference.

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Raw materials, finished goods, production batches, multi-level manufacturing.
The ongoing struggles of production planning.

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Air France Industries embraces a new vision of Supply Chain, with increased service levels and greater control over investments.

Supported by Lokad's automated inventory decisions, a Swedish family business transitions into a multi site, multi company e-commerce giant.

Learn how Lokad and STS-Component Solution's collaboration boosted demand forecasting, cut inventory by 60%, and lowered error expenses.

Worten is a leading electronics and appliances retailer in Portugal and Spain with 300+ stores and a strong online presence. Their extensive product range includes consumer electronics, home appliances, and entertainment, catering to the diverse needs of tech-savvy customers.

Worten advocates a digital strategy with stores and a human touch. Our partnership with LOKAD lets us digitalise and renew the intelligence of our management, ensuring that our stores are better prepared to give customers what they want. Ultimately, this partnership is a technological and management breakthrough in how we see and manage the supply chain.

Bruno Thiago Saraiva, Head of Stock at Worten

Mister Auto is an e-commerce company specialized in car parts. Created in 2007 and part of the PSA Group since 2015, they boast a catalog with +200 000 references and operate in 20 countries. They are now the N°1 car parts dealer in Europe.

We’ve been using Lokad daily for over 2 years to calculate our sales prices. It’s truly a tailored solution, especially given that our combined catalogs take in to account the 20 countries where we operate. This choice in technology has really helped us to take our ability to generate value via our pricing to a whole new level, thanks to Lokad’s algorithmic models based on Big Data. As well as being very powerful, Lokad’s solution gives us speed and reactivity, two elements that have become essential for any e- commerce.

Mathieu Pajot, Commercial and Pricing Director,

Founded in 2005 as a joint venture between Lufthansa Technik and Air France Industries, Spairliners is a global leader in spare parts equipment and maintenance for Airbus A 380 and Embraer E-Jet aircraft fleets. With +270M USD value of assets available to customers and +215 A/C, Spairliners is the biggest OEM-independent provider for A380 worldwide and for E-Jet fleet in Europe.

Lokad's partnership-based approach and their reactivity, adaptability, and especially the performance of their solution led us to trust them with the inventory optimization of our aircraft spare parts equipment for our clients throughout the world. Lokad was successful in living up to the expectations and the complexity of our industry thanks to their original and intelligent approach to our needs.

Olivier Mazzucchelli, former CEO of Spairliners

Trek Bicycle Corporation, founded in 1976, is a worldwide leader in designing and manufacturing premium bicycles and accessories. With a presence in 90+ countries and a diverse product lineup, Trek is dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and promoting cycling culture for millions of enthusiasts globally.

Running a large-scale, custom bike business with out-of-the-box planning tools was not meeting the needs of our customers or team members. Lokad’s customized approach, leveraging the expertise of the Supply Chain Scientists, has transformed how we operate by automating some of the most time-consuming tasks for our analysts while also providing deeper insights into what is happening in the business. Now, our team is spending less time in Excel and more time making better decisions that help us provide incredible hospitality to our customers.

Dan Scharneck, Supply Chain Director | Project One

Revima is a global leader in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services, specializing in auxiliary power units (APUs) and landing gear systems. With cutting-edge facilities and a strong commitment to innovation, Revima provides reliable, high-quality solutions for a wide range of aircraft types, supporting operators and OEMs worldwide.

Aviation has been promised inventory optimization solutions since I started my career over three decades ago. However, every time, aviation proved too hard: too many parts, too many processes and too little volume. With Lokad, we have finally found a partner that can integrate the aviation expert knowledge of Revima’s teams right into our systems. And its’ AI, as ‘augmented intelligence’ for aviation, combines latest Artificial Intelligence technology with Data Scientists screening the data.

Olivier Legrand, Revima Group President & CEO

Tokić group is the largest automotive spare parts retailer of more than 300 worldwide recognized automotive brands and additional equipment for the automotive industry. Through the sales network of more than than 140 retail outlets in Croatia and Slovenia, Tokić offers more than 300,000 different parts.

With more than 1000 employees, our vision is to create a company that is traditional when it comes to people and innovative when it comes to technology. This is why Tokić chose Lokad - for its state of the art technology and modern approach towards inventory management.

Ivan Gadže, CEO

Amara is a UK based e-commerce specializing in the distribution of premium home interior products. With 300 leading luxury home brands, Amara brings to its customers the latest home trends and exclusive pieces to create the perfect home. Evolving from a single small boutique in 2005, Amara has become an award-winning business for its customer care with a fast-paced online growth.

Amara has a very successful working relationship with the team at LOKAD. I was able to fully bespoke the tool to meet our particular operational needs back in 2018. I have been impressed with how receptive they have been to to change and improve order recommendations over the last 2 years. In such a volatile retail landscape it is so important to be able to learn and adjust the predictions to fully optimise stock levels. Previous software companies I have worked with would charge for every change request which resulted in the changes either not being implemented or taking months to go live.

Trudy Read, Commercial Director

Hylte Jakt & Lantman is a Swedish company specializing since 1911 in the distribution of outdoor equipment and accessories, with more than 6 000 products for hunting, gardening and forest workmanship. They have successfully adapted to the challenges of the e-commerce with considerable impact on their growth.

Our business has gone through a transition over the past couple of years - from being a traditional retailer with physical store as our primary channel of sales to being successful within e-commerce. Still, our focus is being close to our customers and giving them the best shopping experience possible, regardless if they decide to visit us by the physical store or the website - although now 70% of our turnover and all the growth is through e-commerce. With increased volumes and by having better data control and larger data sets, I started to think about a purchase suggestion system to enhance/automate our purchase flows. First, I bought some literature to build it myself and when googling for Matlab functions on supply chain optimization - that's where I found Lokad. I had a call with Lokad and discussed the service they were offering - I explained what I was planning to build myself but realized that these guys made exactly what I was looking for - but way better! Now we have implemented the service into our business and use it on a daily basis to optimize and make purchase decisions. What I like about Lokad is that everyone can use it - you do not need to be a mathematician to get use of the system, although there is plenty of beautiful mathematics doing the hard work - then presenting the relevant information to the purchase managers to make solid decisions. In our organization, Lokad is not replacing the purchase managers, but it enhances the capacity and provides most valuable insights to make their work efficient and accurate.

Anders Carlsson, CEO,

AUTODOC is Europe’s leading online retailer for car parts. As the highest-growth company in this branch, with revenue growth of 37.6% in the 2020 financial year to approximately 842 million euros (from 612 million euros in 2019), AUTODOC aims to further develop its position. Thanks to its successful expansion, AUTODOC now operates in 26 other European countries along with Germany.

Lokad has proved to be a reliable partner for Autodoc since we first started working together in 2018. Lokad's Supply Chain Scientists are embracing our distinct supply chain complexity with a variety of different customized optimizations. Autodoc has grown significantly, becoming the leading player in the European online car part aftermarket and we are glad to rely on partners that are willing to evolve with us.

Stefan Micklich, Vice President Procurement
Autodoc AG

MRO Holdings is an aviation services and solutions provider with four airframe maintenance and modification facilities, plus a technical solutions organization. With operations across El Salvador, the US and Mexico, MRO Holdings manages a catalog of over +500 000 SKUs, providing world-class aircraft maintenance and modification operations.

Lokad has provided the right tools and support to improve our supply chain planning process and reduce the uncertainty by incorporating a probabilistic approach. Lokad has done an outstanding job helping us optimize our demand forecasting to achieve very demanding fill rate targets at diminished risk.

Rob Cords, President

MaxiCoffee is a leading online coffee expert, serving individuals and businesses alike. With more than 6 000 products, 200 000 customers, and 80 employees, MaxiCoffee is facing increasingly complex supply chain challenges to keep delivering coffee machines, all kinds of coffee blends, teas, chocolates and more...

Lokad's approach really fits Maxicoffee's innovation strategy. Through the analysis of our data with Lokad's algorithms, we were able to set up operational and strategic KPIs to gain a better insight on how to cover demand for our customers, all the while staying aligned with our Supply Chain constraints and applying a policy of stock reduction. A top-line Supply Chain Scientist accompanied our in-house team to help them build up their skills. Thus, they were able to dedicate more time to focusing on the deep understanding and optimization of strategical inbound decisions instead of getting swamped in operational issues. Lastly, Lokad's specific forecasting methods allowed us to correct and re-orient our e-commerce policy with a high degree of accuracy.

Emmanuel Cubie, Associate Director of Supply Chain

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